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Full name: Kimber Raye Desmond

Age: 14

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 113

Hair: Kimber has long black hair that is naturally curly. She keeps it up out of her face and always tied back.

Eye color: Amythest purple

Other physical features: Kimber is short but she can run fast and jump high. Her muscles are extremely toned and she is always in shape. Her small frame makes it easy for her to be flexible and to fit into tight spaces.

Regular wardrobe: Kimber wears short blue jean shorts that are cut off at the bottoms. Her white belt fits over the top of her shorts and she uses it as an accessory. Her shirt is a tank top underneath and her over shirt hangs off of her shoulder on both sides. She doesn't always wear a head band, but when she dances or trains she has a head band she wears.

Weapons: Kimber doesn't use weapons, it's all hand to hand combat for her and it's all up close and personal.
A basic description of who the character is NOW
Kimber is a young girl who is slowly learning the ways of the pokemon world. She is a proud member of NHBD and considers them her family.

Their history
Kimber was given away after birth. Her dad left when he heard her mom was pregnant. When Kimber was born her mother dropped her off at an orphanage and split. Kimber escaped the orphanage and ran away at the age of 13. Along the way she met a Ninetails named Nina and they have been together ever since. Kimber tends to be a trouble maker but she means well.
This is Kimber's bio for NHBD!
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December 7, 2011
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